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The story behind Karumazondo Meats is important to appreciate the spiritedness and commitment behind the brand.

Karumazondo is the surname of the owners and directors of the brand, it simply means “biting hooves”. This was coined as nickname to the first Karumazondo from the local community of Murehwa some three generations ago. He gained this nickname as praise to his hunting skills & ability to capture big animals with hooves to keep the community fed. 

Three generations later, the Karumazondo’s have managed to move from forest to farm by establishing a meat producing business. 

Our aim is quite simple, by employing modern techniques in farming we want to supply the nation of Zimbabwe and beyond with the best quality meat & poultry that has been raised in line with the highest animal welfare standards at the best possible price

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The Dream Team

Masiwa Chandengenda

Farm Manager & Head Of Production

Fadzayi Paradzayi

Financial Controller & Administration Manager 

Andrew Tonhora

Head of Logistics and Distribution 

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